Saturday, January 19, 2013

Supermarkets are not the victims of this scandal - with fake fragrances and flavors that made us lose touch with what we eat

In Stephen Sondheim Sweeney Todd was initially cats in pastels, and later, as every drama needs a boost was more cakes. Now, in the development of light strips and supermarkets cheaper restaurants is pieces of pork burgers and the horse, sometimes grotesque amounts.

Ignore the talk about horse meat is good for you, which is not an opportunity to surprise with revenues of horse, but a fraud perpetrated against poor consumers inevitably. Is anyone surprised that the falsification occurred in "value" products? I am surprised that the event was not stronger - until now, most of tears for the horses were good, not for children unconsciously swallow cute cute horses, and then played with their cousins Plastic

Worse - eating pork or Little Pony Peppa? It depends if you are a fan of Jilly Cooper, a Jew or a Muslim. Anyway, I detect snobbery: If you are a stranger to farmers markets, what can you expect for your money, even when it was announced that one million children, or small consumers, it is in poverty in this administration? The story has already been in the gag. A pantomime horse is entered in a Tesco in Pembrokeshire earlier this week and pretended to cry in the hallway hamburger until security pulled him out.

adulteration of food is as old as greed. Bee Wilson fascinating book swindled: the dark history of food fraud, from poisoned candy to coffee discussions on counterfeiting 19th century London grocer selling vegetables shiny copper wire or adding red double cheese Gloucester. Rotten cheese has been corrected or covered with cheese, rotting flesh was burned outside the town, which is then sold. Bread flour could be cut with sand; pepper with the dust of the ground. Romans sweet wine with soft lead. Sweets in India can be colored with poisons, China, soy sauce is said that sometimes made of human hair. The tea leaves are recycled and resold. The decrease P?rigold impersonate Chinese truffles

No Tesco accused of secret prescience pony yuksome hamburgers. But I do not buy their sense of bewildered victim, his almost Shakespearean "a fraud perpetrated on all of us" rhetoric is. Nobody is more inclined to hide what we are eating in supermarkets, food and no more dangerous pushing harder in the mouth. scandal part of deregulation. This current adulteration has not been discovered in the UK, but in Ireland. As Mary Creagh, the shadow environment secretary, said in The Guardian, the government divided the responsibility for food inspection between the Ministry of Health and the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in 2010: the sharing of responsibilities, and see the chaos flap.

Our relationship with food collective approaches something akin to psychosis. The 24-hour supermarket, a modern palace of dreams, where everything is available and still does not rot, is a fairytale mirage, because we have learned to forget how to eat. Then, of course, obesity, physical manifestation of the sad forgetting to eat, inflammation is a creepy headless chickens Margaret Atwood Oryx and Crake.

confuse the scents and flavors of wrong, the food is bad is rejected in a strange parallel with the beauty industry. It was revealed this month that the world we take between 30% and 50% of the food we buy in supermarkets, and 75% of vegetables grown in Britain are not even eat. If you do not know what is supposed to taste, how can you know what you eat? The answer came this week. You can not.
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