Thursday, January 24, 2013

A central London, Marks & Spencer store offers the opportunity to purchase scrap celebrities while raising funds for Oxfam. It is another step towards ethical fashion

If you think clothing exchange as more likely to take place in the hall of the main street, Marks & Spencer news for you - that has been the trend in his shop in London Marble Arch pop this place Thursday and Friday. Or a version thereof, at least. Shwop the store, as it is called, is a collaboration with Oxfam and donated clothing from celebrity Alexa Chung for Tinie Tempah. In a kind of buffer Oxfam transported on the ground floor, the limited and varies autograph, you can have dinner jacket Gary Barlow for ? 120, for example, or costumed Pixie Geldof for ? 60.

Although not strictly exchange, you must bring an old article that even celebrities can buy these scrap. All supervised by Joanna Lumley, which will be effective boxes, it is a sign that the trend of word-of-mouth has hit the mainstream. "We have all these pieces that have nothing else," he said in his soft voice. "This is a way to give them a new life."

for M & S in the news for reasons not very favorable recently, is part of a more positive story - the store was progressive in regard to ethical and environmental issues. Plan, an initiative was launched in 2007 to improve the sustainability and this is the last. "He's trying to make it exciting, but it is something we do every day," said Steve Sharp, executive director of marketing.

done. Here's a way to get something without spending the feelgood factor thrown in. "I think that people receive care quickly and constantly question the act of buying new things at stores like Primark," said Susie Lau Stylebubble fashion blogger behind, and contributes to a store Shwop vintage green dress. "It's definitely an affordable alternative and pumping new life into your wardrobe."

positive impact on the environment is also part of the successful exchange. With nearly 350,000 tonnes of clothing sent to landfill each year, somehow reuse increasingly feel that the good thing, especially for a new generation has grown up in the shadow of climate change. "Our dream is to give the thrill of retail therapy without impact on the environment," says Lucy Shea founder of rustling - now the UK's largest clothing exchange event. "We want to make the behavior fun green. "Shwopping certainly has the fun factor - and the celebrity factor. Lumley, stressed the" dressing-up box "way of shopping." Throw the clothes together unexpectedly, "she said.

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