Friday, January 25, 2013

supporters of the Royal Institution are struggling to maintain their historic house in Mayfair, but why so few people talk about the future?

Albemarle I visited the Royal Institution of the house from the street on a handful of occasions in recent years. The building is very nice, a bit elegant Mayfair. There is a museum which apparently only open during office hours, and a bar where a round of drinks cost as much as the third world debt. He was the victim of an attempted renewal of ? 22m under the direction of former director (and writer of speculative fiction current) Susan Greenfield, who tried to convert the mass of bricks venerable old man in one of these large "spaces for corporate events" in which there is not in London. Who left the blueprint Ri ? 7,000,000 debt, and now face the sale of the building in which "10 chemical elements were discovered and where Michael Faraday demonstrated the power of electricity . "

A petition appeared inevitable, which calls for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

"buy the building for the nation"

- good deal with 60 million pounds -., and ", then let Ri remain there indefinitely"

BIS Why should I do it? Because it has history. Because Conferences hosts Christmas. because the Nobel stated that if the building is sold, the

"institution will be lost forever"

(instead of just


). Indeed, if the government can spend billions bailing out banks after a few miserable dollars does not really matter anyway. far from being a call to arms, all that hammers home demand is mistaken about the RI, and the sense of entitlement that has charity former first point.


conferences were great, but it is strange to think that the idea conceived in the 19th century, is fit for the 21. Nine years ago to face a decline in television programming as well as Channel 4 called for the series to be more "up-to-date," he told the BBC they would not "show classes again, because that believes that the broadcasting environment has evolved over the last four years. "In all cases, conferences are special because of the people involved and the work ethic that goes into them, not the conference room they happen to take place in the story is just ... historical and scientific discoveries are held throughout the UK, what often happens is that the laboratories and offices are not as good.
In addition to preserving historic conference - that the future owner, no doubt, however, since it is a Grade I listed building - absolutely no reason has been given for this the British public, short of money, if you take ? 60m could be spent on basic research, and plow into a monolithic anachronism that nobody seems to know what to do with it. As a friend said to me yesterday enraged after reading a dozen of these calls to the past,

"nobody cares about your stupid story!"

plans to transform all into a "living science" stylish restaurant with a bar and expensive luxury old ideas were rooted in the 20th century, and showed how disconnected from the place of the old, rich , white settlement in Ri were. During the last 10 years have seen a burgeoning scene of popular science developed in London, with a generation of enthusiastic young people between 20 and 30 years from blogs, chats in pubs caf?s and the organization MathsJam, science, skeptics in ShowOff pub, others speak Nerd Festival, Bright Club, Burlesque science, and many can not remember right now.
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