Sunday, January 20, 2013

As a crucial decision on the nuclear dumping trades people of Cumbria are divided on the best way to ensure their future - and the National Park

High cliffs of Scafell Pike in the black depths of Wastwater, The Lake District is one of the most beautiful destinations in Britain.

However, the landscape is now the center of a conflict increasingly fractious between those who insist on preserving the crystalline qualities of the moor is the best plan for economic development and a group say the new developments in the area would create more jobs and growth.

mountaineer best known in Britain, Sir Chris Bonington, fired the first salvo to resign as vice-president of the Friends of the Lake District, following the rejection of plans National Park a "zip" rebound Pike Fleetwith side. Now, Cumbria Tourist Board - the main source of income in the county, which oversees the park - has joined the controversy, arguing that lakes must evolve over time. Richard Greenwood, board development and policy director, said that respect for the integrity of the landscape OFF "means that the area should be preserved in aspic, especially if we want people to continue to flow into the future. "

His comments come at a time in the Lake District is facing a growing number of threats, including the possible location of the largest nuclear waste dump in their remote western valleys, the possibility that dozens of towers will be located in the national park. and the risk of increased access to their forests

Bonington tirolina supported as an innovative way to rejuvenate the economy by attracting new tourists and young people. "The benefits to attract visitors and create local jobs are very good and we should not be too stuffy:. A Tirolina would be fun, "he wrote. The conservation organization has resigned, however, argued that the bogs were sacrosanct, and they were the virgin who has attracted more than 15 million annual visitors of the park. Jack Ellerby, policy chief of the Friends of the Lake District, said the vast majority of visitors came to "experience the peace and tranquility."

The appearance of a letter in 2009 Bonington an objection to a proposed tourism development north of Kendal still obscured the debate. In this paper, the climber describes critical Borrowdale valley zip claimed would be affected, as "one of the most beautiful valleys of Cumbria, the more attractive for its tranquility and impeccable quality."

The potential threat is then a decision on the location of a huge underground cavern for the storage of nuclear waste in Britain over millions of years. On 30 January, three tips Cumbria decide whether to accept a proposal for a comprehensive underground storage preplanning four times larger than the vast complex of Sellafield, where the waste will be transported.

meet these requirements can best be achieved by adopting a more relaxed approach to the landscape, according to Greenwood, one of the leading figures in the region. He warned that maintaining the position of the region as the "adventure capital of the UK" the need for an open mind. "If we do not invest in ideas as Honister zip then we will be left behind," he said. He said the latest survey showed that more than half of the visitors Cumbria 40 million annual visitors County engaged in the adventure, but 68% also said to have visited the views.

Among the few visitors to cope with freezing Lagos last week were Richard and Emily Bolland Tadcaster, in Yorkshire, you can see four panels of your own home. Emily said: "The scenery is incredible, if unspolit put a bit of a damper on it in case of change of opinion.".
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