Sunday, January 27, 2013

more detailed study, for forty years, also analyze the impact of climate change and to enable ministers to examine forest "inside"

The Brazilian government is to launch a census of trees in the Amazon four years to improve understanding of the impacts of deforestation, climate change and conservation efforts.

The study will also assess the potential value of biodiversity under the canopy and growth of human settlements in the Amazon region, which is home to a rapidly growing number of cities and isolated from Indian tribes.

cataloging operation is the most detailed study of 40 -. A time when the largest rainforest in the world, has undergone unprecedented pressure from farmers, loggers and droughts

The Ministry of Environment said inventory "will give us an overall picture of the quality and condition of the forest."

However, there are limits to what can be analyzed from the top, especially when it comes to the quality of forests and biodiversity below the canopy.

"We will get acquainted with the forest inside," said the Minister of Forests, Antonio Carlos Hummel.

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