Thursday, November 15, 2012

Conservative Party

says he has no intention of disciplining Chris Heaton-Harris on the way to Telegraph columnist

The Conservative Party has said it has no intention of disciplining Chris Heaton-Harris on the path of a Telegraph columnist to help as a candidate anti-wind in Corby election partial, but the MP is the official agent for the Conservative campaign in the constituency.

After talking to Heaton-Harris and see the video evidence, officials Conservatives said they wanted to focus on the big issues, but he admitted that he had been stupid.

Interior Minister Theresa May said she was guilty only of foolish presumption, which led to the renewable energy industry to describe the response of the party as beyond belief .

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, said the episode showed that the Corby Conservative campaign had become chaotic.

Michael Dugher MP, Vice-President of Labour, said: "Even the Conservative campaign director do not think people should support the Conservative candidate Chris Heaton-Harris If you do not trust and the Conservative candidate.'s party, the public should not. past week, the Conservatives withdrew the whip from Nadine Dorries to go on I'm a Celebrity. During a Conservative MP to support a rival candidate in the election partial attempt to change the government policy is certainly a serious betrayal of his party. David Cameron needs to show leadership. "

columnist James Delingpole

withdrew his candidacy after the Energy Minister, John Hayes, gave an interview to the Daily Mail report onshore wind farms.

Heaton-Harris has apologized for giving the impression of being secretly filmed by Greenpeace activists pose as anti-wind. The decision not to punish Heaton-Harris, two days before the election may reflect the proximity of the election date, but the popularity of the MP and anti-wind cause backbench Conservative.

peer Lord Foulkes

work Heaton-Harris accused of trying to sabotage the policy of his own government and demanded the government's energy policy fell into chaos new coalition.

Government spokesman

on energy Lords, Lady Verma, declined to comment on the statements Heaton-Harris, or had recently said she considers her writing as a load of hot air.

Lord Cormack, another pair of Tory, Hayes jumped to the defense, saying that when the Minister said: "Enough is enough echoed the feelings of many people across the country and we believe he is a hero. "

's decision not to punish Heaton-Harris will be taken by the opposition parties as a sign that the mood against renewable energy is now so deeply in the Conservative Party that Downing Street political force or will stop in.

The decision also left intact Hayes, conservatives believe there is documentary evidence that he gave an interview to The Mail unauthorized marking the end of onshore wind farms within a plot is Delingpole withdraw his candidacy in Corby.

The episode left the Department of Energy, divided by the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives, a conflict that threatens billions of dollars in renewable investment.Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat leader, MP , said: "Some conservatives are clearly intended to disrupt the green agenda of the coalition is ready to stab their own candidates to the rear to do. position of the coalition on wind turbines and green energy will not change because the Liberal Democrats will not allow it. We are committed to making this the greenest government ever.

"Conservatives should be no doubt, we will keep their promises on the environment."

On Channel 4 News Tuesday evening Hayes said: "With regard to onshore wind, which is being built, which was accepted and a small portion of what is in the planning system, we have achieved our ambition for our renewable objective. End of story. "

energy ministry released a statement saying its policy "was to have goals for the future of renewable energy and has not made a decision on how much of this energy comes from different sources. "
The statement was designed to demonstrate that wind farms may be needed to meet 2020 carbon cuts jobs.

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