Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Network Resource Teacher Guardian this week to help students understand how the economy works in the UK and around the world

With many world economies struggling, now is the time for students to become familiar with how the economy works.

The Guardian Teacher Network means to stimulate ideas.

A good start for 7 - to 11-year project Oxfam GB Bananas. As children follow the path of humble banana from the Caribbean to the United Kingdom, the detailed lessons learned food grown abroad through several hands, the steps and processes and make money.

See photo gallery illustrating the course of the banana, then check out this series of lessons to deepen cross-question.

pay for it, managed by Citizenship Foundation, offers an impressive range of teaching resources by using concrete examples of how the overall economic impact of student life onaffects. See Government of the economy and an overview of the economic challenges facing the government and to learn more about the range of lesson plans. Then continue with six lesson plans covering all major areas of public spending: education, health, the environment, the protection of the population, employment and social spending. In the description of each resource, you will find links to the presentation slides and current news articles.

the idea of ??a green economy in the class with a little help from the British Council board model 2012, running this week. This report examines the question of how the European Union can achieve a green economy. You can find a way to keep their own council model here.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is an original work in schools on the circular economy. He conducts workshops and teacher training to help teachers explore a real alternative to wear makeup economics students need to discuss. This poster defines the circular economy, compared to the linear economy. See also the summary financial report of the GEF. This fact was new, which focuses on how chemistry lessons can help us see beyond recycling as we know it. Lessons on finding a way to use the by-products of the manufacture of orange juice and study cells for electric cars. Resetting the system analyzes how you can explore the themes of the new economy through design and technology courses.

Global inequalities skills is a fascinating report by Think Global and the British Council explaining how schools and businesses can help young people to broaden their horizons, and how to teach students about our globalized world is essential if the UK is to compete in the global economy.

Citizenship Association recommends Give us a work of post-16 class. It explores some of the activities that make you think the policies that the central government could take to help youth unemployment.
With Olav Twint, Professor of Economics in the Netherlands, for their advice to get more students interested in world affairs and the economy and economics professor Chris Morgan to share your PowerPoint externalities, as well as a lesson on elasticity photos and business cards international chain of words.

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