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can not buy happiness. Social affairs editor of The Guardian looks at the relationship between deprivation and happiness and see what areas recording the highest life satisfaction

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David Halpern, the man leading the Prime Minister on happiness, told the Guardian yesterday that the economic situation of the region are not a reliable indicator for the happiness of its citizens. His argument was that there are many reasons why a person is.

is very true. Below is a slide Halpern began yesterday in his presentation to journalists, government officials and academics. Shows how different factors can affect the results of happiness. As pointed out live in Northern Ireland makes you feel better if it was in another part of the United Kingdom.

"Maybe because people live in strong, cohesive network," he explained, adding that there was "probably a good thing" for the unrest.

The fact is that the blade showed unemployment, marriage and volunteerism all scores assigned. "Some of them are beyond the government. Do you think people can trust is an important factor in the subjective. Scandinavia Among those scoring as high as 70%. The UK is 30%. This has a significant impact on how you feel. "


Halpern is that many factors influence happiness. Money is one. Famous Daniel Kahneman of Princeton University Angus Deaton and claimed in U.S. annual income of $ 75,000 made you as happy as you can get. Above that amount, raising their welfare, but not as much as the salary. Andrew Oswald, one of the best known researchers in the field has shown that countries with high blood pressure are not as happy.

So what supports Halpern: disadvantaged areas of the UK are not necessarily the most unfortunate. The table below clearly shows. As stressed life satisfaction was highest reported in Hartlepool in Blackburn, despite similar levels of deprivation.


even rich people are happier than the rich Wokingham. Halpern said he might have something to do with Rutland be more pleasant - built on lakes and lots of trees. It may have sounded petulant but it is based on evidence: when the National Bureau of Statistics surveys performed well in 2011, 73% of respondents mentioned the environment, including local parks and nature as an important factor in well-being.

Considering the factors that may affect life satisfaction - such as health, family and friends, and job security - which could explain why people are happier in Oxford Cambridge, which makes people happier than richer Cumbria Bath, Nottingham and people are much more satisfied than Stoke

The table shows the index of multiple deprivation and outcomes of life satisfaction by county / unitary. The first two columns show the absolute, the other two columns show the differences of the mean. All data can be found in our downloadable spreadsheet. What can you do?

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