Sunday, November 4, 2012

unless you find the words to talk about the beauty of our landscapes, will be desecrated waving lines semaphores large

You can break a building, bomb a city, impoverish the nation and the world got a hearing. But the breakdown of the British branch of a tree and goblins down and destroy you. Thank you God for this.

Britain this fall is on fire. The eccentric meteorological year we gave the industry unprecedented splendor leaves. Looking for a book on the English landscape, last week, I traveled through the central region of the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales. The beech woods of the Chilterns or replaced with yellows and oranges of Cannock Chase, Peak District purple and amber Calder, air and the southern valleys. England has never been so beautiful. If the coalition is to preside over the last rites of the opening English countryside, has been granted at least is the most charming funeral.

The highlight of my trip was a question from a reader of The Guardian newspaper. What is the most beautiful vision asked Stanage Edge west of High Peak Mam Tor, or is Mam Tor Stanage Edge? All points of view, black snow clouds dodged sun. Light and shadow whirlwind Hope Valley transformed into a set for a Tolkien novel. The scene was hampered nature, a vibrant color palette with just a vision of human life. The sight of Mam Tor won.

How long before these colors have disappeared and the horizon is filled with turbines, as is currently the northern edge of the ridge, promoted by the same Nick Clegg incredibly, whose district borders the Sheffield paradise? During the last war artists such as John Piper, Sir William Russell Flint were commissioned by Whitehall to represent unsafe buildings, the creation of the log file from Britain. A similar document landscape has become urgent.

In the news this week, two new threats to add to the renewed enthusiasm of the government building in the country rather than in cities. The first is the ash threat of fungal diseases, and may affect other larch and chestnut. The second is the confusion in terms of the coalition to increase onshore wind around 3000-7000 today more by the end of the decade. This is nothing massive industrialization of the landscape.

This week, Energy Minister, John Hayes surprise David Cameron saying what I thought was the vision of Cameron, not by attacking their turbines intrusion, but having offended the local opinion. Where does that leave the turbines hung in Oxfordshire Vale White Horse? They destroyed the most beautiful view of the Thames Valley.

A modern nation requires a bit of visual sensitivity not build colossal structures such as stride now, or are about to pass, along the northern coast and in the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales , Snowdonia and the Cambrian Mountains. Cornwall intends to ask its visitors a proposal for 490 turbines, carpet fragile landscape. Amazing wall 279 turbines is about to get up in the middle of the Bristol Channel.

If this view is not sacred, what about Hampstead Heath or the white cliffs of Dover? This industry has no shame. However, as Dieter Helm of Oxford University, says in his new book, The Crunch carbon impact of this desecration in the current global warming is trivial.

The truth is that we have lost the words to describe or talk about the beauty of the landscape. Supposed to be "anti-growth" and therefore a social cost that environmentalists say lobbyists to justify their grants. Whitehall wind maps each form of energy is not produced (not to mention carbon saved), but as temporary jobs created, as if it were a Trident submarine. The debate has become the slave of the irrational logic of hereditary madness.
coalition visual legacy can still be a British landscape littered with the corpses of dead trees and large ripple semaphores, the everlasting arms of immersion in vats of public money. If this is the case, it will be because no one dared utter the word beauty, for fear of being considered a coward. See Mam Tor before it is too late.

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