Sunday, November 4, 2012

police seem to have difficulty answering questions on the subject of undercover agents having sex or long-term relationships with activists

writhing police chiefs today, while the issue of long-term relationships or sexual relations between secret agents and activists appeared in public.

Jenny Jones, Green member of the London Assembly, has proposed what he called the "problematic" question on the committee that oversees the Metropolitan Police.

Sometimes, Craig Mackey, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, seemed to struggle for words when he answered the questions.

undercover agent said that would not be allowed to initiate a sexual relationship with an activist, but also warned curious "normally".

Mackey also repeated the party line now Minister of Police Nick Herbert, suggesting that infiltrators can have sex with an activist, and a total ban would give people who were infiltrating to check if they worked for the police.

"It is very difficult to write a rule" that says Mackey.

Two other things -. He said he is "waiting" undercover police officers now will not engage in long-lasting relationships
said long-term relationships in the past he has called "well documented" could not happen now, if the pilot was doing his job properly.