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a pilot project that helps schools to solar energy is implemented nationally. You have two weeks to ask

A little over a year I found myself climbing through a skylight in the roof of the school of Fox, a director on a street back in London Notting Hill. The director, Paul Cotter, took me to see a solar energy system installed recently, an impressive number of blue-black full of solar panels on the roof of the building in 1930 and inclined toward the southern sky in plastic holders of thickness

As I looked along the West London (and admiring the garden and henhouse below), Cotter said how great the school to install a renewable energy system. In addition to reducing carbon and reduce the bill, the solar project has helped to mobilize the school behind environmental problems. And the signs are a valuable educational resource in itself.

who had gone to visit Fox as part of my job at 10:10 - campaign on climate change The Guardian helped launch 18 months ago. Designed by Franny Armstrong, filmmaker, the campaign has called on all people and organization to reduce its carbon footprint by 10% in 2010. The objective was to demonstrate that global warming was easily solved if the company has withdrawn their socks.

More than 100,000 people and organizations registered in the first year, Colin Firth Coventry City Council, O2 at the University of Oxford, Stockport NHS at Newquay Zoo. In addition, over a thousand schools of all sizes and shapes.

2011, some schools and other organizations have met or exceeded the target of 10% and wanted to take their green efforts to the next level. Others were given a chance, but could not get buy-in across the organization. The two groups, we realized that I needed a way to get all students or staff more engaged - what it means to have something exciting, tangible and ambitious to aspire. Something like a sunroof Fox

10:10 In the campaign

liked the idea of ??helping schools to install solar energy, especially if you can do in a way that gave parents, neighbors and a wider community in a positive and easy to engage the problem of climate change. There was one problem: subsidies for most of the solar system had been eliminated from the Fox for a "feed-in tariff" that provides a payment for each unit of energy produced during a period of 25 years. It was good in the long term, but means that schools must find a way to cover the initial costs, which start at about £ 10 000 for a small system.

10:10 While he was with the solar schools -. A project to help schools' funds attract "a roof by collecting many small donations from their local community


all in the perspective of 10:10 's, the success of each school would become a showcase and empowerment of a community working together to tackle climate change. We might even be able to work with the communities themselves in other projects in the future, such as schools conversion based on street by street, or investment in wind farms in the community

To test the idea solar schools we launched a pilot program, and create a website with an accompanying set of resources to help participating schools to raise money.

Family and friends

students, graduates and local businesses could sponsor small square roof by buying bonds of ? 5 or participating in fundraisers and proven, such as sales of the plate . The site lists each donor sunroof gradually "filling" and has added photos and spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. 10:10 team of the organization in each school and also provide blogs and email tools.

So if your school would like to begin next year with a very interesting project - to reduce carbon and invoices, to use an income for 25 years, and together the local community - fill ' form / apply. Who knows, this time next year could be climbing through a skylight, roof showing off your school.

Solar Success Story

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