Sunday, July 29, 2012

'Climbing trees and other sports were my first lessons in art "

What you start?

I grew up in Aberdeen, Washington, providing a green environment of an imaginative mind. I climbed trees, played sports, hunting and fishing with my father. They were my first lessons in art. I have very early memories of circulation while playing outside as a child - and I can integrate my dancing game. Of course, I also received formal training: who has studied ballet, tap and acrobatics, but I do not know if I wanted to get into the visual arts or dance. I lived between the two until the accumulation [accumulating a series of works made in the 1970s]. Now I live among them again.

What was his great discovery?

was in an improvisation workshop and famous in New York, led by Anna Halprin in 1959. That's when I got to "fly" [leave the ground dramatically]. I was in love with improvisation since: the spirit of the game, and its rhythmic structure, which brings me to my childhood. And I always wanted to fly.

Who or what have you sacrificed for your art?

For me, everything is connected. All you have done for my art has never felt like a sacrifice.

His work is closely related to the precepts of visual art. Artists are often required to comply with this art form one?

I've never been worried about what is expected of me. When I arrived in New York, much of my work was the reaction against convention, the claim, romanticism and sentimentalism. It was art. There are visual art or the art of dance - just art. I am disappointed to see these distinctions creeping back in. They were dissolved in the 1960s for good reason.

What song or piece of music that serves as the soundtrack to your life?

My life has been located between the notes of Laurie Anderson, Alvin Curran, John Cage, a host of bands, from Bach and Jean-Philippe Rameau recently. This is a soundtrack varied and complex, but it's great. William Christie can be performed.

My work with the National Arts Council in the 1990s [meet with U.S. politicians to advocate for arts funding]. Art reflects the world around us and what the world could be. The message to those who control the funding was a labor of love.

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