Friday, July 20, 2012

These are excerpts from speeches delivered in the city of public debate on the subject, with a link to the full text and Warwick Commission report to elected mayors

yesterday after




in Bradford, and only a debate at city hall, the organizers have posted in the speeches of representatives major party of the event online.

You can read it all here, courtesy of JUST West Yorkshire, Bradford University Student Union, Bradford Bradford Cathedral and the Council of Muslim women who jointly organized the discussion at the Midland Hotel. I added as a temporary job in my

True North blog, which has many other fascinating material on the previous messages for that time.

For convenience, here are short excerpts from each speech:

Councillor Simon Cooke - Conservative Party

Bradford should have a directly elected mayor, and in fact if you want someone who would be mayor you could ask anyone better than the man who saved the building, John Pennington. But I'll start with the most important part of this debate, which is the need for a mayor, the need to change the system of government in this city because it is much more important than the question of personality, or the question to know that the mayor should be. At this point, we take a dull, barely accounts that city driving is not decided by us, the people, it was decided by them to administrators. And is decided at closed party meetings, behind closed doors and not through open discussion.

Alyas Karmani - Respect Party

respect we want to vote yes for a directly elected mayor. So this is not the first time we will go against the political class, and perhaps not the first time we beat them too. What we do with a directly elected mayor - we could have a transformation of our city in a few days and in a few weeks with a directly elected mayor. And it is a change not seen in our city for 20 years.

By voting yes for a directly elected mayor, we vote yes to a powerful passionate local advocate, to be a voice for the entire city and also a defender of the city as well.

Kevin Warnes

country - The Green Party

David Green - Labour Party

must be clear that an elected mayor can not ignore the wishes of local communities, you can ignore the wishes of councilors to represent. Does becoming a lame duck - its ability to influence the electoral process in a year in the base year is going to disappear and that adherence to the mayor cut the center
You are left with a situation where the only influence their advisors will, is to try to block the block budgets and projects and bring the system to shutdown. I ask to be careful what you wish and I ask you to think carefully about whether a person away from the door of his house to do everything in its decision, or will you work with a system - in which each year can affect on what is happening in Bradford and his community. I invite you to reflect on the way forward for this city where we live and I love you all.

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