Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wenlock Edge: erotic reputation This extraordinary plant was updated in 1655 a translation of Dioscorides, who claimed "the affections stirrs be Conjugation dranck with wine "

belongs on the wilder side of the fence - thick shadows, not served under the trees and flowering hedges by rain splash. On the other side of the fence, the old order remains intact correctly. Keep out: the fields are green and fertilized with chemicals, thistles and nettles have been treated with herbicides, hedges shook, the trees cut and removed dead wood, lush grass is grazed by lambs and sheep that has suffered so fat. It's bucolic industrial scale.

But in one corner of the field, the rebels gather. Rabbits nibbling the grass of the owners, always a tic-danger signs, have the nerve to have survived centuries of firearms, dogs, railways, roads, disease and climate rotten to steal the life of Earth. In air, the swifts have returned to howl around the rooftops of Wenlock, as if they owned the place. Lords-and-ladies, our intelligent rebellion, not surprisingly, but it disappeared, said in March.

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