Saturday, July 14, 2012

politicians, Boris Johnson in particular - need to act on bicycle safety, and a great event on April 28 will grab your attention

On Saturday, April 28, the UK, will see its largest ever made in support of our streets safer for cycling - the Vuelta Grande. Thousands gather to move along a road closed to traffic in central London, sending a clear message to politicians - including candidates for mayor - who wants to ride a bike is safe and welcoming for all. This family event, with tours of the power for all London boroughs, is organized by the London Cycling Campaign.

We are delighted that the issue of bicycle safety has permeated the media and mayors manifests itself as never before. We have already collected 30,000 signatures for our "Love London, Go Dutch" application on bicycle safety. And for the first time, three of the four main candidates manifests to contain language that specifically recognizes the success of the Dutch cycling.

However, the specific promises of the two major candidates are not yet strong enough to ensure a transformation of the entire city, so that events like this are essential to the safety of cyclists that is really a priority for the next mayor.

We annotated the manifesto of the four main candidates promises for cycling, and taking into account their public profile to the bike, it is fascinating that the current mayor, Boris Johnson, ranks last. It is also remarkable that Johnson is the only candidate that does not relate to the provision of quality Dutch bikes in the manifesto.

In the Netherlands, cyclists are not supposed to negotiate the type of lethal union, where he killed 41-year-old father of four children, Frank Magisha two weeks ago. And the Dutch school are not required to travel on residential streets within walking distance of the school who have motor vehicles traveling at 30 mph. It was on one of these roads as eight years, Ali Nasrallah was killed last month in Kingston, when he comes home from school by bike.

If you ever ride a bike in London as a resident or visitor - or even if you do not like, they just want to make places of our cities better - you need. We want the grand tour to be fun. We encourage people to dress up, play music, view photos on our website, bring friends and a picnic - but our message to the politicians could not be more serious now is the time to rethink our streets to put the People
Cavenett . Mike is head of communications for the London Cycling Campaign

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