Monday, June 18, 2012

Look at Pokemon Black/White 2's events and screaming men screenshot

Why does not American television programs on the game to be? Looking adults dressed as Pokemon, Pokemon shout about, and into a terrifying amusement park (probably) because of Pokemon is better than 99% of the programming of G4, or any other television station for West the case. Japan even has a princess (probably) better space lumpy. Oh, and MOS Burger. MOS Burger, I love you so. Back to news, video here gives us our first look at how to change Black / White Pokemon event in your Keldeo aa Black / White 2 form and gameplay of

Pokemon AR Search

with this rare form of Tornadus new bird. It's hot for fans of Pokemon, and probably nobody else.

I'm still not for sale Black / White 2

, since I have a strict "no new Pokémon, no purchase" the policy. New shapes are fun but not funny enough to make me plunk down $ 40. Now, if

Black / White 2 video features to unlock host aa breath Pokemon

screaming at the top of your lungs about how Pokemon are important, then I might have a change of heart.

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