Saturday, June 30, 2012

343 Industries

entering "Super Crunch Time", said the campaign playable from beginning to end, and Spartan Mission Ops multiplayer maps now being polished and error free.

A first look at Halo 4's Longbow multiplayer map.

More than four months now separates Halo November 4 release date, but it seems that Microsoft is nearing completion on the new shooter. According to the report of Halo last newsletter, the developer 343 Industries is entering "Super Crunch Time" in the project now focuses on errors-crushing and grinding.

A first look at Halo Longbow 4 multiplayer map.

According to Microsoft, the campaign of Halo 4 can be played from start to finish, with levels close to "almost complete" status, while others remain in need of varnish and the bug eradication. In addition, Microsoft said the first wave to Spartan Ops missions are in a similar state, as is the case of the 10 multiplayer maps included with Halo 4.

Not only Halo 4 to a close, but the new series of live action

Forward Unto Dawn

ends. Microsoft said the cast and crew of the series has just finished his last day of filming in Vancouver and entered the final stage of production.

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