Monday, June 4, 2012

The pill has a new name Wii, and Nintendo Unveils New Social Network Miiverse

Nintendo has officially revealed the design of the ultimate controller for your next U. Named the Wii game controller, the platform-style tablet has recently added two analog sticks on each side of the 6.2in ??touch screen and motion sensors and a. Built in universal remote control for televisions

The device is also compatible with virtually Field Communications (NFC), allowing you to read information from and to compatible objects, such as figurines or special game cards placed on the screen . NFC support means the console can play games like Activision's highly successful Skylander that allows players to switch characters on the screen by placing various figures in the "Portal of Power" NFC device.

Players will also be able to create in-game video chat with friends while playing. It is not clear, however, if the new service will operate as Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, which provides points of success and user accounts for the dominant players.

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