Thursday, June 7, 2012

And the price for the strange game, I played at E3 so far, it is this difference of combination of real-time strategy and rhythm action

such odd combinations can work well - see Puzzle Quest goes perfectly wonderful that the match-three puzzle adventure with RPG. The most recent example is of Japanese developers and Orgarhythm neilo ACQUIRE (a new studio created by Rez and Space Channel 5 veteran, Takashi Hirai). It is essentially a strategy game in real time that will take you to color code warriors in intense skirmishes with the enemy AI.

However, no pointing and clicking here. Instead, using the touch screen of the PlayStation Vita, the game asks players to take orders on the screen, keeping time to a heavy techno beat. For each match is played once to select a color between red, blue or yellow (each is more effective against a specific hue, a sort of rock-paper-scissors dynamic), then again to go to a specific firearm . Now, slide your finger across the screen to lead his troops in the direction you want the head.

Publisher Xseed is the alignment of a North American release of the summer - no word yet on a European date. In an own button, the company is asking budding musicians to submit songs for DLC later. This is very

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