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Some last football coach hail, but others in the hometown of the fascist leader say that Italy must come to terms with its history

Behind the counter in the middle of Mussolini watches, badges swastika, cookbooks and busts of Hitler fascists, Benizzi Ferrini hung a shirt with the face of Paolo Di Canio.

"When Paolo gave his salvation on the ground was a gesture from the heart, and how they are treated now in England is not right," said Ferrini, a fascist lifetime who runs a chain of souvenir shops that line the main street of Predappio, birthplace of Benito Mussolini. When Di Canio has visited the store a few years ago during a trip to the city, Ferrini wanted to show their respect for. reader "I presented a bust of Mussolini," he recalls fondly.

As battles Di Canio as new coach of Sunderland despite the furor over his tattoo Mussolini and notorious fascist hello to fans when he played for the team in Rome, Predappio is a good place to start to understand that fascism in Italy today, and why not all Italians get very annoyed by a rigid arm waving footballer.


City, hidden in the hills covered with vineyards and orchards in Emilia-Romagna, attracts 100,000 pilgrims at the tomb of Mussolini a year in the guestbook is full of exhortations to the dead dictator " resurrect and save Italy ".

Visitors can also enjoy the city, a medieval village that was rebuilt by order of Mussolini in the 1920s with the imposition, totally out of proportion and office buildings of state ordered networks brick houses two floors save green fields. Apart from the common sense rule that had to be built where they can take off, then insisted on building an aircraft factory in the hills outside the city.

As reinvented to enhance their prestige Predappio, Mussolini was part of strengthening its national dictatorship, arrest and exile opponents vote racial laws prohibiting Jews from the public and pushing Italy to a disastrous alliance with Hitler and punish war that ended with supporters of his suspended upside down in Milan in 1945 body.

but listening to some Italians today, mischief Mussolini are just a distraction from his triumph and railway building, draining of malarial swamps, the introduction of a state of well-being and HLM abundant, especially housing ordered Rome ordered divided by gardens where Paolo Di Canio first scored a soccer ball. The idea that the record of Mussolini can be divided into two, with the expected negative, was captured in a vote of victory in January by Silvio Berlusconi, who said: "The racial laws were the worst fault of Mussolini a leader who in so many other things they have done well. "

Despite, or perhaps because of his heritage, Predappio elected mayors are more recently Giorgio Frassineti, a geologist who has a sense of humor needed to make a city bus run besieged regularly filled diplomatically what the Italians call "nostalgic."

"Italians treat history as a butcher shop, where you can choose only the best cuts you want," said Frassineti Thursday when officially opened ice cream shop down the street from to a semi-circular piazza exposed in the center of the city by the Duce, where a standard frames classical colonnades deliberately to the stone house where he was born dictator.

"Italy has never agree with Mussolini and Predappio represents," said Marie-Line Zucchiatti, 48, alderman. "Local visitors to see lots of bus but just do not get involved. "

policies without fear of praising Mussolini returned in the political mainstream in 1994, when Berlusconi took post-fascist National Alliance Gianfranco Fini in government. A minister Berlusconi, Ignazio La Russa, broke taboos in 2008 to greet the Italian troops who fought for the Salo Republic, led by Mussolini in northern Italy and the support of the Nazis after being ousted in 1943. In 2006, Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of Mussolini and Berlusconi MP, declared: "Better a fascist than queer"

But Walter Veltroni, the center-left politician who defeated Berlusconi to regain power in 2008, warned buts about Mussolini. "The period was a tragedy and Mussolini have a huge responsibility," he said.

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