Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A giant - and 40 people required to pull their strings - is about to take to the streets of Liverpool, the delivery of letters written by passengers aboard the Titanic

A taxi driver gave me, after more than a thousand wrong turns, to an undisclosed location at the mouth of the Mersey. "What do you come here?" he asks, noting that there is not much around, outside of redundant docks and pubs closed. I say that I came to visit the giants. "The giants who come to Liverpool?" He says, suddenly delighted. "Is this, really?"

seriously. The largest ship that we have an air of post-industrial abandonment, but everything is subject to Alice in Wonderland-like distortions of scale. A hammock hangs like a billowing sail. A couple of dishes that could cover the center circle of the football field are mounted on a trailer. However, the most interesting object in view, it is a very old dive, established by a diver really huge.

can only mean that Royal de Luxe - French specialists street theater known for their colossal puppets - are in town. Nantes is the company best known in this country by the Sultan's Elephant, which met in London to a stop in 2006 stunned. However, this single band of poets, stuntmen and scrap collectors prepares to present Sea Odyssey, a drama staged to mark the centenary of the Titanic.

I think the Giants on the boardwalk, performing their morning exercises (it takes an hour for the 40-person team, acrobats, puppeteers and Crane-operators to enter into the heat). The giant 30-foot girl, with her green dress and expressive eyelashes unfortunately, is known for his previous appearance in London. But this time, instead of seeking an elephant, who is in search of his uncle, a time travel giant that emerged from the wreckage of the Titanic in full scuba gear, with a chest containing the lost letters written by passengers of the stricken vessel.

The Director

Royal de Luxe, Jean-Luc Courcoult, steps, looking every inch the eccentric entrepreneur with his pork pie hat and bowling shoes rainbow stripes. The piece of the Titanic was latent in his mind since 2006, when he visited the Mersey Maritime Museum, and discovered a letter written by a nine year old daughter to her father, a steward on the steamer cursed. "It was the first letter he ever wrote," explains Courcoult. "He was barely literate, but the emotions described are so sincere. Finally, she returned to her purchase."

Courcoult founded her company in 1979 with the intention to exclusively outside, and always free. "I want to get in touch with everybody," he says. "For three days, I try to reveal a story so intense that it comes in all bars, school or office."

Royal de Luxe operate on a large scale, however, still capable of intimate details. The expression of the figures continually modified and hydraulic control of the radio, the girl has a 5ft language flexible enough to lick a lollipop. "This is the great challenge," says Courcoult, "so that the work will be immense and still touch people's heart. I work on the secret that no one understands how a huge machine, may appear from nowhere."

Liverpool was surprised in this way once before, with a huge mechanical spider in the Capital of Culture 2008, the creation of another team, Nantes known as The Machine. However, the production manager Pete McDevitt said the giant to present a bigger challenge. "Logistics is like having three lamps at once," he said.

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