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used in The Beatles: Rock Band studio film projects around lists English rock band, Harmonix representative said that I did not do the work in this game.

Is Led Zeppelin's Rock Band time gonna come? <i></i><P class=caption>Is Led Zeppelin's Rock Band time gonna come? <I>Photo credit: LedZepplin.com</I></P></DIV>  <P></P>  <P>Passion Pictures created the colorful opening sequence of The Beatles: Rock Band. No further details are available, and as of press time, Passion Pictures had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment. </P>  <P>Gamers hoping to jam out

"As we've noted before, we're constantly in talks with all major artists and labels," reads a line from the statement. "That said, Harmonix has never been in development on a Led Zeppelin game, though we'd obviously be thrilled to have them in Rock Band. No idea why this is listed on this person's resume."

If Harmonix does eventually work on a Led Zeppelin Rock Band title, it would not be a total surprise. In 2010, the developer launched a survey to gauge user interest in potential upcoming games from the company. The options in the survey were Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Queen, and U2; users were also permitted to write in their vote.

Previous band-focused Rock Band titles include The Beatles: Rock Band and Green Day: Rock Band. Activision's Guitar Hero franchise has shipped band-dedicated titles as well, including Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Guitar Hero: Metallica, and Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

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Rock Band Harmonix the developer can look for the title of a new franchise. As you have seen the retirement internet super sleuth, a film editor Passion Pictures return to work on lists of "Rock Band Harmonix Led Zeppelin."

Photo: LedZepplin.com

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time is Led Zeppelin Rock Band is coming?

Credit: LedZepplin.com

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