Sunday, May 6, 2012

La-Mulana devs comment on cancellation, future plans screenshot

The recent cancellation of

La-Mulana WiiWare for territories outside Japan was stirred a bit of noise, and was for a long coming period. First launch of the game has been questioned. Then developers Nigoro we know that they did not know what it was until the hold. Shortly after, the game publishers, announced its cancellation, then the fans got angry. When fans get angry, conspiracy theories, pointing fingers and generally in a bad mood, is sure to follow. Fortunately, the good lords Nigoro are here to clean the air, and as true professionals, who take responsibility for the cancellation of their match. It seems that the inclusion of downloadable content was a major problem to get the game approved by Nintendo of America and Europe. Due to file size limitations WiiWare DLC was the only way to include all the features planned for the game devleopment They knew going into the game, but they gave it a shot anyway. The bet and lost. God bless you for trying.

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