Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SYMBOLSET writes: "in the long-standing dispute between Motorola and Microsoft, Justice David Shaw of the ICC on Monday recommended a ban on imports into the Xbox 360 S, and found to infringe patents of Motorola (pdf) the. judge also ordered Microsoft to pay a deposit of 7 percent of the retail price of all unsold inventory Xbox in the United States. the decision will go to the board of commissioners of the ICC, which has remained the recommendation, or turn "Microsoft claims that ending the exclusion of Shaw does not serve the public interest because it would leave the consumer game consoles video with only two options to meet your needs: ... Sony's Playstation and Nintendo Wii Shaw rejected this argument, finding that the public interest while respecting the intellectual property rights outweigh any potential economic impact on buyers game consoles "These new Microsoft following the last week to win a ban on importing devices Motorola Android.

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