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always necessary. However, as a measure of punishment is very limited and very corrupt - like Pirates! In an adventure with the sample to scientists

There is something soul destroying about leaving a "family" film in a cinema, with a chubby hand of confidence, knowing that his little hot movie of their offspring is so keen to see is a boring, insulting cynical about their own intelligence, and also that of his son. Instead, it's a happy day, when in fact the film in question is made by a reputable supplier. This Easter, which provided Aardman Animations, with his latest book, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists.

Pirates! jokes were good, our favorite was "Blood Island. It is so named because it is in the form of a little blood." But, like any good piece of entertainment for children, offered a simple analysis, clear and optimistic of complex adult world. For me, a successful film is a film that stays with you. If you have difficulty remembering what I did last Thursday, and finally, bringing memories of a trip to the Odeon, and then - but politely pass the time - the film I saw was the Culture worthless. Pirates! is a keeper.

Its main characters are a nice but small pirate captain, called Pirate Captain, who aspires to win Pirate of the year by the amassed the biggest booty booty of dirty money than their peers - despite pirates of their incompetence - In addition to Charles Darwin and Queen Victoria. I am embarrassed to admit that the trio led me to think again about neo-liberalism, natural selection and hereditary privilege. I could have taken all too seriously. However, inspiration without perspiration is always welcome, whatever strange, clay vehicles can travel with you in. That's what I tell myself, anyway.

The strongest advocates of neoliberalism tend to think that the power of unbridled capitalism, red tooth and nail is that recreates natural selection, through the promotion of "survival of the fittest." By "stronger", however, Darwin did not mean "stronger" - which means "the most appropriate framework," best suited to the immediate environment that requires a living organism that exists. Insert money into the equation - that only humans do - and the need to adapt to their surroundings is evident. What human civilization, in reality, but a concerted effort to impose on the human environment, in a concerted refusal to allow the environment imposed on us?

many idealistic human beings have dreamed of returning to nature, living in autarky, free themselves from the shackles of money, a return to innocence noble. I'm with Joseph Conrad, in this case, however: civilization can not be all it's cracked up to be, but there is no turning back. However, what all the current policy - including the green policy, which is in many ways the most common answer to where we are as human beings -. This is a way forward

The right is obsessed with wealth creation, the left with the redistribution of it (although, obviously, redistribution is and will remain an important aspect of civilized behavior). The task of redefining wealth to reduce the need for money in itself is a task that seems impossible. However, it is more impossible dreams peacefully redistributive socialism.

"Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day," says the old adage. "Give him a fishing rod and you feed him for life." These days, the left is up in arms if they suggest a recipe for a cake is more useful than the ability to buy a Greggs pie without having to pay VAT on it. "Equal opportunity" is really to maximize opportunities for people to compete in the labor market, so they can earn money to buy things, and transform their environment. Socialism is, in this essential, only a crazy bang-feeding for capitalism.

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