Sunday, April 22, 2012

Xbox 360, MSP 800, Certified Level 3 +, Polytron

five years in the making, yet fresh as a daisy of 10x10 pixels that mark their pens green hills, Fez is both a tribute to the joy of exploration of childhood, the wonder Nintendo video game teens and adult behavior of the mysteries of life without end. This is a game safely, without a fight (no flora or fauna of games will hurt you), no update of the source and the only enemy is slow in his own ineptitude or perplexity. A rare game, then.

fall too far and Gomez, the star Fes-resistant, wrinkle on the go, to be returned safely to the platform, without penalty. But do not confuse the lack of bar health, life or other standard measures of video games and address risk, as indicated by a lack of challenge. Fez is a puzzle game tied, secret rooms, locked boxes, treasure maps and mysterious rabbit holes that you take time and again through clockwork gears that must be overcome before progress is made. Thus, their systems feel as much a tribute to Nintendo games to the youth of its creators, including beautiful graphics pixel art used with the subject of them. Pastels and immortality avatar belie a heart of evil.

This core is the general presumption of Escher-like space. Fez is a 2D platform game set in a 3D world. A tightening of the trigger and the horizontal scene rotated 90 degrees, which, for example, two floating fragments of land that used to float 100 meters in direct alignment, allowing smooth passage Gomez. Essentially, each stage consists of four scenes, closely related physical structures in four different ways.

Braid were players manipulate time to solve the riddles of the author. Fez asks us to manipulate space in order to progress, the choice of some firm rules and spinning five hundred puzzle ideas for cartoons and fun. During the game you must use the ability to change perspective to align the stairs, to create tracks of moving platforms to go, and chain of explosions in rocks to create new passages. Just when you think the fish designer, Phil has exhausted the potential of the central idea, a new surprise was developed in a scene, the construction of an orchestra of ideas, the likes of which is rarely seen outside of work more Big Nintendo EAD.

is a game where the real goal is simply to browse and find treasure in the making. So many video games borrowed this mentality of travelers, offering travel turbulent throw by the shark-infested, the dangers of dodging bullets. Yet the heart of Fez, purity, consistency and peace to find a treasure far greater. This is a living reminder of the opportunity to play in providing for those who live in a world designed by satellite and Google maps with new borders, with the boundless joy of discovery with the sense of our own psychic and mental horizons are expanding.

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