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and better, says Jones, the Green candidate in municipal elections in London. After the "old hippie", suggested that they all publish their tax returns, it was found in

St Pancras Cruising Club

is not as interesting as it sounds. This is a place where people burst tying on a long term basis, and that's where I stayed with Jenny Jones, Green Party candidate for mayor of London. She and her partner is in his boat - the Arthur Dent, the hero's name from The Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy - is along the Regent Canal and I join them on the trip, during an interview relaxed breakfast on the run. This, at least, is the plan did not work.

is the day after podium BBC program in which Jones, tired of endless complaints about the tax affairs of Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson has suggested that all candidates to publish their statements of income and taxes, and do with it. The other candidates agreed, and now everyone wants to talk about history. His phone rings constantly, we must make scheduled stops for her to be interviewed by film crews wait; young Green Party media arrives, a security guard at one of our scheduled prevents objects from the presence The film crew, I just cling to the boat, as she talks with ITN and supports the draw with the jobsworth. This is not good.

It gets worse. Guardian photographer arrives and wants her in what he called a Titanic pose on the bow, four friends from your partner just started eating lunch, another friend and a child boarded in an interview in lengths from to Radio 4 and Channel 4 are hiding somewhere upstream. A barge canal is very narrow and claustrophobic, even, and begins to resemble the cabin filled with the Marx Brothers film A Night at the Opera. After starting the interview on the couch, we must complete landed on the little bed in the back of the boat, which at least allows me to study the small stack of DVDs next to the bed, I realize that includes most of it.

Jones, who was a member of the London Assembly for 12 years and now faces himself against the Ken'n'Boris, is largely in the middle of it, however, is still far from a conventional politician. Her flat in Camberwell, south London, but spends his time both in the boat as possible. At age 62, calls herself an "old hippie", and try to live green living and preaching the philosophy of the party. She said that the St Pancras Cruising Club is a community like the old where everybody looks at each other. "It's like going back to the 1950s," she said. "As members, we need help gutters gardening, cleaning and painting, and cleaning. I love." Sounds like a vision of how society thinks it might work if the Greens were in charge.

His major issue in the mayoral election - the dilemma facing five other candidates - is that Ken and Boris waterfront political stage: more than life male characters dissidents like David Aaronovitch in the Times this week said, "are greater than their parts and I know." The week was dominated by a bust in the lift station LBC, when Boris fired insults at his opponent and called him a liar for suggesting that he, too, was not above a bit of tax evasion creativity.

As the media focus on this show of Punch and Judy, attention and change the political debate is not easy, and Jones looked irritated Newsnight, as Livingstone and Johnson, located on both sides of Jeremy Paxman, traded accusations that Punch-Drunk Boxers. "I'm tired very high at some point," she says, "because this is the first time I hear about their tax affairs. Not know what is the truth. I find it very boring, and I do not want to hear more. "Hence his suggestion to publish their tax returns, an idea now regrets. "I almost wish you had not said that," he said, "because now there is more friction on it."

It gets much better with Livingstone than Johnson. "I know this is not a fashionable thing to say," she said, "but I trust Ken. He never promised anything to me or say something that has disappeared once again. I know we can work with. I was doing things. I am not in politics for money or media attention. I'm in it so they can accomplish things, and the four years was Mayor Boris has been very frustrating because I could work with him. It very funny and charming when you meet him, but when I realized they could work together to find it funny, it rest can be very condescending to women in the congregation His tone is a little:. '. Don worry pretty little head about it. "It's casual sexism."

On the platform

BBC, Johnson has tried to paint Jones as a supplement to the Labour campaign on the strength of the years she spent as deputy mayor Livingstone in 2003-4. Is not it dangerous for her if it sticks? "When I was Deputy Director Ken, I think I met him three times, and one of them was in an elevator." Most of the key policy meetings in London seem to occur in elevators. " I was not near him at all that uses its replacement in the event and say. " This is what the mayor wants me to say, but this is what I think. "Ken was absolutely fine with that. Politically, he is an adult and understand that other political parties have different beliefs, while Boris would not like that I said something against him. It is very sensitive to a rabbit. He likes to be appreciated. "

She divorced when she was 40 years, an experience she says was both terrible and liberating. Divorce and the decision to become a mature student - the only real choice, she says she has never in his life - was a milestone. She came to London and started again, the study of archeology at University College London, then to work in excavations in the Middle East during the 1990s. While often abroad, he remained active in Green politics, the party chairman in the mid 90s before becoming a full-time politician when he won a seat in London Assembly in 2000 .

"I had a very early shows," she said. "After one year, the Evening Standard ranked members of the assembly in terms of visibility, ability and so on, and came 25 25 that had not got to grips with it. I had found my voice. " She said she tried to imitate the confrontational style of other politicians, as it should be more collegial. That said, it can be tough at maturity, and the standard now recognizes their masks accessibility of the inner surface of the steel. One of his daughters two, is an editor of the Guardian newspaper. Mother and daughter are similar, and the combination of tenderness and toughness, the brain quickly, penetrating voice and disarming frankness is alarmingly familiar.

It is strong and funny. He suggested that instead of building a relationship billion pound high-speed rail to Birmingham, the government should invest in revivals, the high performance for executives so they can catch their train half an hour before . It opposes what it considers projects toiletries such as "Boris Island" (the proposed new airport in the Thames Estuary), not being afraid to call the Olympics "high" flight world with support on the ground in Sao Paulo a lot, spend a night there, and said that hypercapitalists in the city to achieve growth can not continue indefinitely and that adoption of a green agenda can be good for business, as experience has shown Germany.

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