Monday, April 16, 2012

Carol Ann Duffy

commissioned to write for the great year of Lancashire - a celebration rather than eight women and two men were hanged for witchcraft there 400 years ago

The poor, the persecuted are Pendle witch before getting recognition from afar, with everything from a community quilt of some verses by the poet in the line to mark the 400th anniversary of his execution.


It was a terrible affair, even by the standards degraded the day, with two women hanged at Lancaster Castle on eighty years old and blind, another crazy, probably caused by a disfigured face with one eye smaller than the other, and the ten convicted largely on testimony from a nine.

Its fate has always been controversial, even his contemporaries were divided on real conspirators against the tottering social order (his death in 1612 came seven years after the Gunpowder Plot), or the victims of prejudice against midwives medicinal plants that people were sometimes wrong. Alternatively, it may have been too hard for the establishment of male (although two of them were men, as were two of the eight other defendants in the original) or simply victims of conflict.

Through a detailed account of contemporary, we know that lawyers are also in two minds about the case. Other women were acquitted in trials similar to the 17 originally, and the judges were known to be interested in promoting and confused about the attitude of King James I of the question. On the one hand, believes the Scottish witches had tried to prevent their access to the English throne, on the other hand, he wrote ironically about the wild and worthless evidence in trials for witchcraft in Many

All this is recalled in the events of the season s related to the witch who has just been given a boost thanks to a grant from the Arts Council £ 100,000 to Green Close studies in Melling beautiful Lune Valley, Lancashire. This has been implemented since 1996 by Sue and Peter Flowers practicing artists with a mission to bring art to the international community in the area.

The grant is the largest I've ever received, and takes them beyond their usual great job - Pete painted semi-figurative paintings and Day-Glo has a strong interest in religious iconography, Sue is an artist of the environment, and they both drop on exhibitions, school visits and much more. The project includes a new witch walking distance for long-distance Pendle Hill - an interesting name means hill trilingual (Pen) Hill (DUN) Hill (Hill) -. Lancaster, with special commissioned works of art along the route aa

Carol Ann Duffy was asked to write a poem based on the story which was also tested in patches of the quilt and meetings with schools and Padiham Slaidburn. Although contemporary politics is not involved in this, there can be no harm to learn lessons about the irrationality and persecution in a place like Padiham, who has been prominent in recent years for its partnership with the British National Party.

Las Flores, whose commitment to cultural diversity involves regular collaboration with over 50 professional artists internationally, said:

This is the culmination of earlier work well. We try to solve social problems, the role of the outsider, how history can be very relevant today. Our school curriculum is particularly to research on attitudes and foreign, how easy it is to judge people.

An event that sounds good is a walk through the school on April 25 at the top of Pendle Hill, in which each is given a small mirror to hold and reflect light the sun. A note of caution about this, which bring a smile to all of us in the northern part of the dryer, says:

Note that this date is dependent on time. Please check the morning of April 25 that the event goes ahead.

people are attracted to the story for many reasons - the ideas of scapegoats, victims, religion, social class and gender have a role to play and when added in superstition, magic and The subject of revenge becomes all the more convincing.

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