Saturday, August 27, 2011

It is not too strong to claim that successive governments over the last decades have worked to destroy the family. They have expected parents to do two jobs at the same time, because they did not value one of those jobs. Now the victim of their policies - the family - is taking the blame. This situation used to apply mostly to single parents, but nowadays, with the huge rise in property prices and rents, and in the face of low wages, many young families find themselves in the position where both parents need to work.

It is significant that benefits for those choosing to stay at home with their young were purposively set at a punitive level to drive people into paid work. It was assumed that only paid work could offer hope - a way out of depression. The alternative of supporting families properly in their invaluable work of raising children was not considered by any of the main political parities. Only the Green party suggested a citizens' wage for everyone, which would have supported those choosing to live more slowly and care for their children - good for their children and good for the globe - and would also have supported those choosing to go back to work, because it avoided the poverty trap of losing benefits when work started.

Alicia Hull, Peter Crouch , Colin Millen, Brigid Warner

North Norfolk Green party


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