Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fourth largest industrial nation set to replace nuclear energy with renewable energy

German MPs have \ an overwhelming majority plans to shut down the country's nuclear power plants by 2022, making Europe 's largest economy passed on the way to an ambitious development of renewable energies.

The lower house of parliament voted 513-79 for the shutdown of the plan by Angela Merkel 's government to Japan' s moved to the tsunami, nuclear disaster. Most of the opposition voted in favor.

MPs sealed the shutdown of eight of the older reactors, which have made the network since March. Germany 's remaining nine reactors will be shut down in stages until the end 2022nd

By 2020 Germany wants the share of energy, the doubling of water, wind, solar and biogas to at least 35%. Until this year, nuclear power accounted for slightly less than a quarter of Germany 's power.

Opposition leaders taunted the government over its U-turn, which Merkel initiated less than two weeks before two state elections in March.


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