Monday, June 14, 2010

Green Toys Tea Set

Description: Teach your daughters to care for Mother Earth with this "green" make-believe tea set with 4 place. Includes 17 pieces: 1 pink teapot with purple lid, one purple sugar bowl with lid 1 blue creamer and 4 blue teacups, saucers 4 green, yellow, and 4 teaspoons. Made in the USA from recycled milk jugs.

More review soon.

Great, solid set of tea. Love, which is made from recycled materials and is safe for my children.

I 've handwashed all this (several times), and he spent well. I 'am glad that I chose this tea set, and not one of them metal or thin plastic. ceramics and speech at this moment! :)

Green Toys Tea Set

Age: 3 +

What we think

Ease of installation:
Educational Factor:

Good : Made from recycled products and does not 't contain BPA, phthalates, or lead paint.

Challenge : Although the tea in the dishwasher, it does not microwave ovens.

In a nutshell : Colorful, environmentally tea set from 100% recycled roadside collected milk containers.

This environmentally tea is FDA approved and completely safe to drink from. View larger.

A colorful and 100% recycled
This authentically-style tea comes in pastel colors, with removable lids for the bank and sugar. Easy installation is made from durable recycled materials. Manufactured, assembled and tested in the United States, set an environmentally safe, nontoxic and dishwasher environment.

Another highlight of this tea is a secondary packaging carton as it was, which can in recycling, you 'through it. In the absence or distortion plastic ties - or any other environmentally harmful hassles that come with the opening of the packaging toys - it 's easy to open and eco-friendly.

Help Environment
With Green Tea set toys, you can feel better about your purchase because you 're doing something good to help the environment. It 's safe and durable for your child' s use - especially when eating or drinking from the set.

With the help of tea to help your child learn about recycling, helping the environment, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, when they were served tea with family and friends.

In addition to environmental benefits, a lot of bright, lightweight and durable - making it a tea set, which will last for many years.

What 'in the box
Kettle with lid, sugar bowl with lid, creamer, 4 cups, saucers 4 and 4 teaspoons.

Cups, pots and plates are painted in soft pastels. Review
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