Thursday, September 8, 2011

And like the Koch brothers, this millionaires' and billionaires' club stands to gain from the hazardous and unnecessary Keystone XL oil pipeline, which passed a critical assessment in Hillary Clinton's state department. The billionaire brothers are the subject of our activist community that's taking action to stop the Kochs on this controversy and other critical policies that affect our society and health.

"Instead of relying on science, President Obama appears to have bowed to pressure from polluters who did not want to bear the cost of implementing new restrictions on their harmful pollution."

We're seeing that again in the next phase of our investigation. The Koch brothers reap gargantuan profits from Georgia-Pacific, part their paper and pulp manufacturing business. We are wrapping up interviews with folks who claim to have become ill as a result of the Koch brothers' pollution. You can be the first ones to see our upcoming investigative film by following me on Twitter and joining our activist community taking action against the Kochs at our Koch Brothers Exposed page on Facebook.


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