Friday, September 16, 2011

I'll run through the paper in a bit of detail (as it is behind a paywall). The pair start by saying the Fukushima disaster in Japan "revealed technical and institutional weaknesses that must be fixed around the world. If nuclear power is to grow on the scale required to be a significant part of the solution to global climate disruption or scarcity of fossil fuels, major steps are needed to rebuild confidence that nuclear facilities will be safe from accidents and secure against attacks."

They acknowledge that new reactor designs with automatic safety features may reduce risks, but say: "For the next few decades, most nuclear energy will be generated by the hundreds of reactors that already exist and those that will be built with existing designs. Hence, the near-term focus should be on upgrading safety and security for existing and planned facilities and building institutional approaches that can find and fix the facilities that pose the highest risks."

They propose actions in six areas.


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