Sunday, May 12, 2013

They help to collect taxes, to promote tourism and protect the environment, but animals in Japan can not escape controversy

is a true household name in a country where celebrities are ten a penny. Her cheeks are pink and unreadable expression on hundreds of products, candy and snacks rice bags, stationery and toys -. Part of a business portfolio worth ? 30 billion last year almost

Not bad for a black teddy bear with a playful series, which has grown from its humble beginnings to promote a new season of high-speed train in southern Japan to become the animal Company quintessential country.

Kumamon - a combination of the words home Kumamoto prefecture and the local pronunciation of my, or "things" - has built a following to rival that of his compatriot and Paddington bear cub since he was called to animal the most popular pet in Japan two years ago.

He is the undisputed king of single characters or yuru Kyara - National Fraternity about 1000 different animals that bring a touch of whimsy to the serious business of tax collection and preservation of the environment, spots promoting tourism and regional specialties.

Prince Pickles is animated face of Japan Self-Defense Forces, while Pipo-kun is the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Eeta-kun, whose head looks like a computer screen, encourages people to file their taxes online.

The Liberal Democratic Party plans to release animals government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Party Secretary General Shigeru Ishiba in the electorate before the elections to the upper chamber this summer.

bad behavior among Japanese animal has ever equaled the infamous altercation between Wolfie and the Three Little Pigs in Bristol City v Wolves football match at the end of 1990, but even cuter yuru Kyara was involved in controversy.

spare a thought for Pluto-kun, or Little Mr. Pluto, which appeared in the mid-1990s, to soften the image of plutonium for the nuclear industry in Japan.

With her angelic face and a green helmet with the chemical symbol for plutonium, Pluto-kun fell out of favor after visiting one in which a child who downs a glass of educational animation plutonium, no apparent sequelae.

spare a thought for Sento-kun, who debuted in 2008 as the "personification of the energy" of the ancient capital of Nara, as he was about to celebrate the 1300th birthday.

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