Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yesterday was the 95th anniversary of the birth of Richard Feynman, one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century. An unusual excuse for a party

Tonight Chris Riley BBC2 show a documentary about a remarkable man, Richard Feynman. Yesterday, on the 95th anniversary of the birth of Feynman, Riley showed some clips and discussed the program, and the man, with Robin Ince, Christopher Sykes and public Bloomsbury Theatre. Feynman Sykes met several times and has made three films with him, starting with "The pleasure of finding things." Sykes wanted Riley said he met Feynman. I felt the same.

There were two events in the Bloomsbury organized by Ince. In the afternoon, discussion with Riley and Sykes, plus a conversation to me, and by the end of science, music and comedy show. Robin excels in putting them together, whether in the cause of libel reform, Mayan prophecies or just Christmas.

I will not say that the show last night (as it was myself at the end, I missed a lot of nails biting into the green room and try to get more Cup England). However, the little that I saw correctly, Tamsin Edwards analyzed the scientific evidence that it is, in fact, Feynman, so why all models are wrong (but not all as bad ...). With Petrie sang a new song based on Feynman wrote a letter to his first wife, Arline, after his death. I found it very moving, do not consider the possibility of Tom and Andrew Pontzen Whyntie make me laugh a lot after. But yes, a lot. And the aurora borealis Greta Santagata stress that accompanies the depth added by Lucie Green was the perfect finish of the first half. Sister Joan Feynman success is an astrophysicist who has made progress in understanding the dawn (and, by convention, not his brother to study the phenomenon.)

dismay not at all, of course. He was more aware than anyone else that science has no holy books. This is a work in progress - the joy of discovering things

Anyway, I recommend BBC2 tonight.

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