Sunday, September 1, 2013

major British charity report accuses the "failure of political will," it is the poor children have fewer chances in life

sleepwalking Britain risks in a world where inequality is so entrenched that our children grow up in a state of social " apartheid , according to a charity of the foreground.

In a damning report to be published next week , the National Bureau estimates for children in many ways, child poverty has become a major problem in the 1960s, when he been conducted a pioneering study , Born to Fail ? .

The report compares aspects of children's lives today data Born to Fail ? cohort study of 11 years , conducted in 1969. We find that many more children grow up in relative poverty today - 3.6 million compared to $ 2 million - and says that these children suffer devastating consequences " in his life "

he added. "Today, although there have been some improvements, in general, the situation looks better , and in some respects has worsened "

The report concludes that :

? A child from a disadvantaged background is much less likely to achieve a good level of development, four to one child in a privileged home.

? Children living in disadvantaged neighborhoods are more likely to be victims of accidental injury or an accident at home.

? Children in the poorest areas are nine times more likely than those living in affluent areas to have access to green spaces, places to play and live in an environment with better quality air .

? Children living in deprived areas are three times more likely to be obese than children who grow up in wealthy areas and girls are twice as likely .

" Our analysis shows that , despite some improvements, inequalities and disadvantages faced by the poorest children 50 years ago still exists today ," said Dr Hilary Emery, Chief management office.

comparisons are made with other countries and the lack of ambition makes children in the UK suffer unnecessarily developed . Consequently, the forms of disadvantage may become permanent members of our society .

charity requests that if the UK to follow the example of European countries which are considered the best places to grow up in the death of 172 children only unintentional injuries could be prevented each year , 320,000 more 15 - to 19 -year-old would be in education or training, and nearly 45,000 under 11 years are obese

the current and previous governments have made ??the fight against child poverty a key commitment . There was a consensus among politicians that must be done to help working parents to lift families out of poverty.

The authors highlighted the progress made in improving the access of young children to day- care centers. But keep in mind that most children growing up in poverty - 63% - have at least one parent or caregiver who is at work

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