Monday, July 8, 2013

former Democratic governor is launching a campaign in New York, five years after his resignation in mid prostitution scandal

former Governor Eliot Spitzer voters planned to meet Monday in Manhattan, while the release of their post-political comeback attempt scandal -. A career working in New York City Controller

Spitzer also collect signatures during the midday appearance in Union Square. Applicants to the entire city as a controller to have 3,750 signatures of registered voters in Thursday's game voters.

Democrat who resigned in 2008 because of a prostitution scandal, has spoken in the past about the possibility that an auditor's work to investigate corporate crime. This would be similar to what he did as Attorney General of the State, when it was known as the "Sheriff of Wall Street".

Spitzer, married with three children, has returned to public life as a commentator, with shows on CNN, Current TV and NY1.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer was the largest among the candidates to become the next chief prosecutor of the city of New York. It has raised more than $ 3.5 million and spent about $ 566,000, records campaign finance exposure of the city, while its rivals have yet to report any expenditure or financing.

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