Friday, June 28, 2013

some 180 journalists have been locked out of his South Korean newspaper Hankook Ilbo, by the owner, Chang Jae-ku, for nearly two weeks.

staff was blocked by security guards at the entrance to his office on June 15 after some of them had filed a complaint with the Attorney Chang Seoul accused of "abuse of trust" paper handling.

According to the Korea Herald, he used force to expel two journalists who were already inside. Some staff members were dismissed, including the editor, Lee Young-sung.

journalists responded to the blockade by organizing a series of protests outside the offices and formed a committee Hankook Ilbo union of emergency, which issued a statement to the international press:

"This is not a simple dispute between a union and a company s'. The struggle of the 180 reporters and editors who gathered for the sole purpose of punishing the corrupt business owner attempting to exploit the writing system for their own personal gain, and to restore the legitimacy of Hankook newspaper Ilbo as authentic. "

press watchdog freedom Paris-based Reporters Without Borders issued a strongly worded statement in support staff:

"Chang direct interference in the composition of the editorial staff of the newspaper, to protect against possible legal implications, it is terrible.

urge the court to order him to stop journalists prohibiting workplace to put an end to the serious consequences that this case has had on the production and dissemination of new Hankook Ilbo. "

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