Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shell 's highlights an admission of liability for oil pollution in Nigeria, the need for a' ecocide 'Law to make man-made environmental disasters, illegal

After years of struggle, Shell is finally prosecuted for the damage it in the Niger Delta, where it is estimated up to 10,000,000 gallons of oil leaked has caused.

A class action lawsuit originating in London forced the Dutch oil company to take full responsibility for the fiscal year 2008, ruptures of the Bodo-Bonny Trans-Niger pipeline to take over. Together, the Ivorian community and a London law firm which forced power companies to take responsibility for their actions.

This precedent is cause for great celebration. However, one thing, this law can not achieve that caused decades of social and environmental injustice, the Niger Delta 's make to communities and the natural environment back.

During a wrong is righted again, it seems that the law is used reactively. It will be decades before the Niger Delta, is something back, as it was before. This underlines how we need a little more active, something that goes to the pre-and large-scale destruction of the environment does not stop it happening. Basically, we need those illegal man-made disaster.

For example, a group of teenagers (of the group iMatter) teamed up with a group of lawyers to take the United States government to court over its failure to protect the atmosphere. The aim of such lawsuits is to have the atmosphere declared a 'public trust' deserving of special protection, a concept previously used to clean up polluted rivers and coastlines.


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